Duet Premium

Duet Premium
Multilayer Foam Mattress

The core of Duet Premium is made of Viscoelastic Foam and Super Bond Hard Foam - three quality materials that offer optimal weight distribution and regulate temperature. The orthopedic qualities are combined with softness and zero pressure technique that will allow you to sleep night after night. The airy structure of Duet Premium does not retain moisture and protects from bacteria. An additional layer of Memory foam is applied under the cover along with high density PU Foam and Super soft fibre padding for luxurious cushioning. The stylish cover ensures optimal air circulation and thermoregulation.


CORE - Multilayer Viscoelastic Foam & Super Bond Foam Mattress
Mattress Thickness - 5"
Fabric - Opulent Knitted Fabric
Quilting - Both side Flip Flop with Memory Foam & Super Soft Fibre Padding
Guarantee - 5 Yrs.