Multilayer Mattress

The middle of the night, is the worst time to be tossing and turning around in bed. and this is most likely if you have a mattress that does not understand what your body needs. This is why it is essential to have a mattress that is scientifically designed firm and soft in the right measure, Royale Mattress provided the Sleep solution for blissful night.
The core of Royale is made of Viscoelastic foam and High Resilience Foam - two quality materials that offer optimal weight distribution and regulate temperature. The orthopedic qualities are combined with softness that will allow you to sleep really well. The airy structure of Royale does not retain moisture and protects from bacteria. An additional layer of Memory foam is applied under the cover. The stylish zipper cover ensures optimal air circulation and thermoregulation.


CORE - Multilayer HR & Memory Foam Mattress
Mattress Thickness - 6" & 8"
Fabric - Zipper Cover in Opulent Knitted Fabric
Inner Cover - Jersy Cloth Cover for core protection
Quilting - Both side with Memory Foam & High Density Foam
Guarantee - 10 Yrs.