Zoom Folding

Zoom Folding
Multilayer Mattress

The Zoom Folding core of flip flop folding is made of Natural Rubberised Coir, Super Bond Hard Foam and PU Foam - these three quality materials combination, which offers optimal weight distribution and regulate temperature. It improves blood circulation, reduce fatigue, eases neck and shoulder pain & rectifies insomnia and respiratory problems.
Natural Rubberised Coir mattresses are a combination of natural materials like coconut fiber and natural rubber. The combination creates a sheet that provides natural comfort, firm support, allows for air circulation and is non-absorbent.
Zoom Folding does not retain moisture and protects from bacteria.


CORE - Multilayer Rubberised Coir Mattress
Mattress Thickness - 5" & 6"
Fabric - Opulent Knitted Jaquard
Quilting - Both side with High Density
PU Foam & Polyester Wadding
Guarantee - 11 Yrs.