GGood health requires healthy sleep, and that’s exactly what Coirtuff Sapphire Mattress is made of Super Bond Hard Foam, high density PU Foam & Turkish Cotton Felt gives us the ideal opportunity to take advantage of the unique properties of these products. We’ve designed mattresses that give adequate support to your body with the comfortable cushioning that only this combination can provide. Super Bond Hard Foam comes with anti sagging technology, gives long life to your mattress and provides you with long lasting comfort for years to come.

Sapphire Mattress provide orthopaedic support to spine. It's ensures follows the contours of your body, reducing stress and enabling deep quality sleep. The airy structure of super bond hard foam, does not retain moisture and protects from bacteria, fungus etc.

An additional layer of soft foam and polyester wadding is applied under the quilting with opulent knitted jaquard cover. It's stylish cover ensures optimal air circulation and thermoregulator. Sapphire Mattress highly durable and value for money also can be used both side for personalised comfort.


CORE - PU Foam, Super Bond Hard Foam & Turkish Cotton Felt
Mattress Thickness - 5"
Fabric - Heavy Opulent Knitted Fabric
Quilting - Both Side with High Density PU Foam & Polyester Wadding
Guarantee - 13 Yrs.